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Amalux Products

Amalux offers unique herbal products of exceptional quality and effectiveness; helpful for a variety of purposes.

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Health Topics

Healing Modalities

Healing is an art that combines process, methodology, logic and the freedom to explore all possibilities with a sound rationale and the freedom to be allowed to pursue it scientifically, without politics or self interest getting in the way.

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Robert-Fludd-smallRobert Fludd Dr. Georg Lomer

 Johannes Helmond

Some might argue, “why waste our time with old dead people?” The fact is, the present is built on the past. Those who sometimes sacrificed their lives for the sake of healing are not well known or appreciated. For the most part they were trail blazers who are never quite forgotten. Their purpose was healing on all levels – not marketing. Presently, healing is more about marketing than actual health and healing. Many imitate what the real healers advocated, basing their marketing presentations on the work of some of these pioneers. Yet, their names are never mentioned, even if the credit should rightfully go to them.

Life is energy – presently money is the engine of modern physical life. People struggling to make a living have little time or energy to think about Health, let alone matters of the Spirit. This may help. (Coming soon)
Financial Freedom

Amalux ® is a registered trademark. At Amalux we believe in old fashioned business values where quality products along with great service are still the best formula for satisfying our customers. Quality ultimately sells itself and service builds trust. A weak product that only has glitzy marketing to back it up will eventually frustrate customers, erode credibility and in time disappear. Once anyone has tried a quality product that produces satisfaction they will not want anything else.

Could there be a better way of building confidence in a brand or doing business?

All of our products have stood the test of time and stand on their own merit based on continued customer satisfaction that actually has historical precedents. Our Paracelsus Elixir formula, for instance, has been available and in continuous demand for up to 400 years. Not many companies can make this claim.

Ours, are products with purpose; their market is everywhere and for everyone.

The following are some of the products and topics contained on our site. Digestorum, Exstressor Leg-Rest, Restless Leg Syndrome, Brain fog, Stress, SpiderVeins, Pre-Allergy and Cold, Swedish Bitters, Swedish Bitter, Paracelsus Elixir, Paracelsus Anti-Toxin, and much more. We also have a books selection at Amalux Books.

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