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Life is energy - presently money is the engine of modern physical life. People struggling to make a living have little time or energy to think about Health or the Spirit. This may help.

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Money Problems Lead To Stress

When there was still a "wild frontier" you could still live off the land. Today, for 99% of the people on Earth that is no longer an option. Livelihood is strictly tied to your ability to make money. Without money you will have a very hard time surviving in the modern world which often ties modern day stress to money or, the lack of it!

For as long as our site has been operational it has been dedicated to being helpful to others by providing natural health information from a very simple and understandable point of view. We understand the importance of nutrition and good remedies in creating a rich and fulfilling life. We also are acutely aware of the craziness of today's world and of people not being able to afford to buy essentials because of it. Often those who would want to buy organic food and good natural remedies are simply not in a position to do so. It is one thing to be completely ignorant of these things and not care about them but, if you are aware of their importance, not being able to provide them for yourself and your loved ones can cripple a person's sense of self. When a person is not able to provide for their needs:

  • It can have a very deep impact and lead to major stress.
  • It can also destroy a person's sense of worth to the point of making their life seem futile.
As in the rest of our website, what will be discussed in this new section will still be very much in keeping with the spirit of being genuinely helpful. The only difference is that instead of a natural remedy we are presenting you with a useful tool that can help people financially using the same internet marketing principles we have successfully used for years on our own site. 

No one needs to be told about the stresses that can be brought about from being in financial distress. When there is not enough money to make ends meet it feels like your whole life and everyone in it is made vulnerable. Imagine yourself, if from one day to the next you should find yourself not being able to afford the basics like good food, shelter, utilities, clothing or, car expenses. What would you do as your fear turns to panic and then into terror?

At one time this situation was unthinkable in a rich nation like the United States but, this is very much the case in today’s “global” economic reality. On top of this there are also environmental disasters; tornados, hurricanes, earth quakes, floods that can reduce you to having absolutely nothing. They may just be a sign of the times but, when they hit; livelihoods vanish, worldly possessions are gone, lives are destroyed and stress ramps up big time. Having a steady livelihood that can withstand job loss and disasters will go a long way towards healing the wounds and providing ongoing security.

My name is Amadeus. I am the owner of Amalux. As stated, we are a herbal products company and as great as our products may be for helping in times of stress and anxiety they can neither make money materialize nor keep a disaster from happening.

When we first started formulating our truly great products we were faced with the reality of having to market them because any product, no matter how good, can or will not be sold if no one knows it exists. We have done all we could to put the same kind of integrity into marketing our products as we have in producing them and along the way I have taught myself how to market as much in person as well as on the internet.

I never thought about my ability to market as being a special skill. I just did it day-in, day-out gradually getting good at it and took it for granted because it was something that grew organically from the necessity of being in business successfully. Yet, I found myself more and more often being asked by friends and colleagues who considered me to be successful, how I did it. They wanted to know how I was able to market our products and books on the internet since around 1999 to make a comfortable steady living whether I was at the office or, not.

It never occurred to me that I was an “expert” in marketing; I just did it! After a while, a light went off in my head, as I finally realized that there could be a demand for the marketing knowledge and experience that I had accumulated and took for granted over the years to promote my own business and that others might benefit from it too!

People would call me to buy products and many told me how they were in dire straits and financially very tight. Some had lost almost everything in the financial meltdown in the late 2000's. I thought about their financial problems and realized that I had hardly felt any financial impact because of my online business and thought that maybe, my marketing experience could be a possible solution for them too. After all, this website all by itself brings in enough money to easily support a family.

I sat down and started writing what I knew about marketing; 100 pages later I was still writing, organizing and explaining in great detail the different proven concepts in marketing that had actually worked consistently for me, rain or shine. It became perfectly clear that it did not matter what you wanted to sell or promote on the internet, the marketing concepts always worked and stayed about the same.

I am now offering this information as a way for people to help hedge against tough economic times and also for people who are ambitious and looking for other possibilities to make an income without being tied to a regular J.O.B. It is not being suggested that you should quit your job. But, if at some point you find yourself making as much money marketing online as you are making working for someone else, you might want to consider investing your time into yourself and into your own business working from home where there is:

  • No Commute
  • No Boss
  • Low Start Up Costs
  • The Ability To Work When You Feel Like It
  • You Can Eventually Live And Work From Anywhere
  • A High Earning Potential
  • Minimal Risk
  • No Staff Or Payroll To Worry About

If you can create a steady passive income from home it means that, even if you should lose your job, you will still have an income. Being able to do that is worth a lot in peace of mind. Or, if you have young children and would like to take care of them by staying at home while they are young; with an income generated from the internet you will be able to do just that.

You can earn as much or, as little as you’d like. And, because it is possible to automate a lot of what you can do on the internet, even a natural disaster will have a hard time getting in the way of your online marketing and earnings because your business is not where your computer is, it will be on a highly secure server somewhere else in the country.

NO, this is not a sales pitch intended to suck you into a business opportunity or, an “MLM,” multi-level marketing ploy. It is a detailed, hype-free instructional course in marketing on the internet that you could use to market what ever you'd like.

It is hard to deny that having the ability to generate extra cash is a great way of preventing and relieving stress and I am willing to share how it is done with you.

Succeeding online, internet marketing, stress

Now Only $17

Succeeding Online gives you the fundamentals for creating your own wealth using the internet without the usual gimmicks.

Whether you are building a business online or offline or, baking a chocolate cake, it helps to know what you are doing before you do it. Knowing that there is a proper order or sequence to how things are done means you waste less time on your way towards your goal.

Business fundamentals do not change online. They are a matter of common sense so, learn the fundamentals first; with that foundation you can build anything.

Succeeding Online will teach you fundamentals:

  • Why Your web site is Not Everything
  • How to Pull Rather Than Push a Sale Online
  • How To Make Your information draw attention to you
  • How To Market To Those Already Interested
  • How To Generate Traffic; the more traffic - the more sales
  • Why Being Theme Focused Will Lead To Success
  • Why Social Media Matters
  • And A Lot, Lot More!

To make money online you do not have to reinvent anything. If you happen to just be starting out you need to understand that all the tools you need are already available and working online.

No part of creating a functioning website and internet business is really that hard to do. The Succeeding Online System will show you why it is best to start off with as much as you can understand and then build from there; adding on what you need as you grow with your understanding and experience.

This is what frustrates so many people trying to get into internet marketing. They are told that everything is sooo easy, that everything will all be done for them, that the money will just come pouring in and then, when they try doing it, they realize that it can quickly become overwhelming, confusing and not the cake walk it was made up to be. This is not necessary!

The internet has leveled the marketing playing field between huge corporations and the small entrepreneur. It is the "New Business Frontier" for anyone who wants to. Using the Succeeding Online System there is room for anyone who wants to venture into it. The start up costs are extremely low and the potential is limited only by your own imagination, your ability to learn, your willingness to work and your tenacity to stick with it until you start seeing real results.

Do yourself a favour; Forget the crazy get-rich-quick schemes you see - they're not for real!

Do you have an idea you would like to show the world and build your livelihood from it? If you do the internet is the most logical, most direct and the easiest way to bring what you are offering to the entire world.

Fortunes are not made by those who wait and procrastinate. The doers are always the achievers. Now, for the very small investment of $17.00 you can get started on building your dreams and relieving your stress.

For less than 20 dollars, less than the cost of a good dinner for two; less money than most people spend in a week on a few cups of coffee at StarBucks you can have the answers to your financial security that you have been looking for.