Philosophia Mystica: The Prophesies of The Prophet Daniel


Philosophia Mystica: The Prophesies of The Prophet Daniel was written by the great Paracelsus. aka Philippus Theophrastus Aureolus Bombast of Hohenheim

This is one of Paracelsus' religious writings obviously dealing with the Biblical Book of Daniel and the prophecies of the prophet Daniel. Paracelsus was an extraordinarily gifted physician in the 1400 and 1500's and a mystic in the classical sense. As he could penetrate into Nature with a sense that he called the "Light of Nature" so was he able to penetrate into matters spiritual and Biblical and Philosophia Mystica is an example of his keen acumen, scope and depth.

Known for his bold directness Paracelsus defines and identifies false prophets and false Christians by their actions. He explains how the false prophets and false Christians "sell the word of God as merchants sell their goods to the point of usury." Paracelsus labels these people "merchandisers of Christianity." He speaks of the atrocities in the Old Testament but states that the atrocities of the New Testament (our times) by far surpass those of the Old.

The vision in Nebuchadnezzar's dream is central to the Book of Daniel and Paracelsus explains it in relation to our present times. Interestingly, he states that out of these events, "four kingdoms will emerge, which will eventually rule the world, until they are all destroyed and replaced by one kingdom! This will be the last judgment for the political structure on Earth." . . . Sounds like a real and much needed "breather" for the world of today.

In our troubled times it would seem that every person on Earth would be interested in what the prophecies of Daniel have to say, because mystical knowledge of the world is necessary to grasp what is presently happening in the world and also what is yet to come. You can also judge the accuracy of these prophecies by the events which have already come to pass. The original prophecy was made over 2400 years ago and explained by Paracelsus almost 500 years ago.

The translation of Philosophia Mystica has deliberately kept the flavour of the period in which it was written which further adds to its authenticity, depth and meaning. Anyone who is serious about Christianity itself as opposed to mere doctrinal teachings will find this a truly satisfying and refreshing read as well as being worth the effort!

160 pages - soft cover

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